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RIP, Luke Castellan.

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“It is no longer your world.”
- The Host (2013) 

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'Twilight' Fans Get Surprise 'Host' Clips At Comic-Con


But the last scene was the most interesting: It showed two surviving humans in a truck trying to evade capture by Souls who were chasing them while Jared and fellow rebel Ian, played by Jake Abel, looked on from afar. Finally, the Souls manage to corner the humans with their helicopters and futuristic police cars, and the two humans choose to commit suicide by crashing their truck into a wall instead of submitting to the aliens that have taken over the human race. If there was a way to set up the world of “The Host,” that was the way to do it.

full @ MTV

I’ll stop with the reviews I swear, but this one mentioned Ian/Jake and I just wanted to share it w/ you guys. Crazy?

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The amazing cast of Percy Jackson: The Sea Of Monsters

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